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Garden of the Gods walk on St. Patricks Day 2018

I had the best time with this photo walk. There was a beautiful Magpie bird that just would not let me photograph it. Here are some of my favorites.

My favorites from the Shepherd Wedding....

June 26th Week favs....

Landscape photos from the drive I loved...

My Lizard shoot

I love taking pictures of reptiles. A lot of people don't see the personalities exotics have.
My favorite pictures are the ones where they have the best facial expressions.

These are my favorites from the photoshoot:


They are just so cuddly!!! I had a wonderful time on this shoot!

Meet My Little Friend

How awesome is it that I got to meet this great little guy. She/he was so tiny, it was hard to tell what it was at first. I don't think I have ever seen a baby grasshopper before. So freaking cute!!

New Zoo Photos!

I just love going to the Zoo, you never know what kind of photos you will get and every time is a new adventure!!

This pretty Giraffe, or Raff Raff as my son says was all too willing to pose for me. She had such soul full eyes and a funny was of playing with people.

Just look at those pretty eyes.

She looks so feminine here, I just love that.

Then of course, she has her playful side too and made everyone laugh.

Then the lion cubs came out to play!! It was so hard to get in front of the crowd to actually get some good shots of them.
They are so darn cute though!

This is one of the best ones I got of them. She was really stalking the big red ball they had in their area.

We are going to the Zoo again next weekend when my parents come in town. I can't wait to see what I will get next!
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